About Us

Chotto Golpo means ‘Tiny Tale’ in Bengali (a language spoken in the Indian sub continent). It’s a 100% handwoven sustainable clothing line for kids, which invokes magical musings of childhood and nature. We at Chotto Golpo believe in cherishing and holding onto our childhood whimsies. We craft tales for the curious child who lives in and loves the wilderness.


Lingering in the stories of fairies and wizards, of mermaids braiding their hair in the moonlight, of stardust and sunshine, we build our tiny tales on natural fibres. Artisans across India, especially from the villages of West Bengal, write these tales in the traditional handcrafted weaves of India. Each piece of our ethical line captures the essence of India’s vintage aesthetics. Every garment is lovingly constructed with finest 100% handwoven cotton and is sewn for durability. We lay special emphasis on attention to detail. Our line is easy to wear and comfortable, and most importantly easy to wash.


With Chotto Golpo, we hope to reimagine a childhood that delights in jumping into muddy puddles, tracing whimsical cloud shapes, following the trail of mysterious creatures, building enchanted castles, and climbing up that special mango tree.


Give your child the gift of Chotto Golpo – it’s her safe place of magic.


Brand Philosophy

At Chotto Golpo we believe in things that last, like the bedtime stories we heard from our grandparents who heard them from their grandparents.


We feel that just as these stories that have been passed on from one generation to the next, so should other important things. Chotto Golpo is our little leap towards being a part of revival movement of the handloom industry as well as our effort to do something positive for the environment. The key motivation is to contribute to the livelihood of Indian farmers by using 100% natural cotton fabrics and to make the next generation play a small role in conserving our planet. We believe in sustainable fashion because we want to hand over a beautiful world to our kids.


With every purchase you make at Chotto Golpo, you are helping us in our dream of a greener planet.  To sow the seed of awareness and responsibility, Chotto Golpo will gift a plant seed along with each purchase, so that your little one can experience the joy of nurturing life and watching it grow.

About The Story Teller


Jayati Bose

Celebrity stylist to Bollywood stars, Jayati Bose always looks for stories in fabrics and silhouettes. After dressing up scores of B-town’s who’s who on and off the screen, she now extends her love for textiles with a clothing line for children designed to take you back in time and reintroduce the rich heritage and beauty of handwoven weaves especially Bengal Jamdani weaves in everyday wear. Her inspiration for creating the Chotto Golpo line is her four-year-old daughter and childhood memories of growing up in Asansol in Bengal.


A true connoisseur of all things vintage, Jayati loves to look back at her grandmother’s breathtaking collection of saris that she coveted even as a 7-year-old. The stylist-turned-designer dips into her reservoir of memories – of a carefree, simple childhood – for her creations. Having grown up sporting classic cuts and patterns, Jayati affirms her love for Bengali aesthetics, Bengali roots, and most importantly Bengal Jamdani weaves with the Chotto Golpo line.